Mei-Huey  Lin
Name Mei-Huey Lin
Office Tel No. 04-7232105 ext. 3543
Discipline organic chemistry
Research expertise organic synthesis
Forum 0
Title Professor
Year Paper Title
2018 Mei-Huey Lin,* Tsung-Jung Yang, A Metal-free, Hypervalent Iodine(III)-Induced Tandem Oxidative Cycloisomerization Based Process for Preparation of Fluorescent Diethyl 5,5’-Diaryl-2,2’-bifuran-4,4’-dicarboxylates, Tetrahedron, 74, 51, pp7335-7342, (SCI)
2017 Mei-Huey Lin,* Yu-Chun Chen, Shih-Hao Chiu, Kung-Yu Liang, Yi-Lin Lee and Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Stereoselective Preparation of Conjugated (Z)-1,3-Enynes by Dehydration Reactions of Allenic Bromohydrins and the Use of the Enynes in Base-Mediated Tandem Allylation Ene-Carbocyclization Reactions with β-Ketoesters, Org. Biomol. Chem., 15, 3, pp605-609, (SCI)
2016 Mei-Huey Lin *, Yu-Chun Chen, Shih-Hao Chiu, Yun-Fan Chen and Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Hypervalent Iodine(III)-Induced Domino Oxidative Cyclization for the Synthesis of Cyclopenta[b]furans, Molecules, 21, 12, pp1713-, (SCI)
2016 Mei-Huey Lin,* Kung-Yu Liang, Chang-Hsien Tsai, Yu-Chun Chen, Hung-Chang Hsiao, Yi-Syuan Li, Chung-Hao Chen, Hau-Chun Wu, Synthesis of 2-Alkenyl-2H-indazoles from 2-(2-Carbonylmethyl)-2H-indazoles, Molecules, 21, 2, pp238-, (SCI)
2015 Mei-Huey Lin,* Han-Jun Liu, Wei-Cheng Lin, Chung-Kai Kuo and Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Regioselective Synthesis of 2H-Indazoles through Ga/Al- and Al-Mediated Direct Alkylation Reactions of Indazoles, Org. Biomol. Chem., 13, pp11376-11381, (SCI)
2015 Mei-Huey Lin,* Yi-Syuan Li, Chung-Kai Kuo, Chung-Hao Chen, Yen-Chih Huang, Kung-Yu Liang, Yu-Chun Chen, Chang-Hsien Tsai, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Synthesis of Hexahydro-1H-isoindole Derivatives from Arylacyl Bromides via Homoallenic Bromohydrins, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 80, pp2462-2466, (SCI)
2014 Mei-Huey Lin *, Chung-Kai Kuo, Yen-Chih Huang, Yu-Ting Tsai, Chang-Hsien Tsai, Kung-Yu Liang, Yi-Syuan Li, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Indium-mediated allenylation of arylacyl bromides in a route for the synthesis of substituted furans, Tetrahedron, 70, pp5513-5518, (SCI)
2014 Mei-Huey Lin,* Yen-Chih Huang, Chung-Kai Kuo, Chang-Hsien Tsai, Yi-Syuan Li, Ting-Chia Hu, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, gama-Halo-enones: A Method for their Synthesis from Arylacyl Halides and Their Application to the Preparation of Five-Membered Ring Heterocycles, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 79, pp2751-2757, (SCI)
2013 Mei-Huey Lin *, Chung-Kai Kuo, Wei-Cheng Lin, Yen-Chih Huang, Yu-Ting Tsai, Kung-Yu Liang, Yi-Syuan Li, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Formation of homoallylic bromohydrins in indium-mediated allylation reactions of phenacyl bromides in aqueous solution, Tetrahedron, 69, pp8263-8268, (SCI)
2013 Han-Jun Liu, Shiang-Fu Hung, Chuan-Lin Chen, Mei-Huey Lin, A method for the regioselective synthesis of 1-alkyl-1H-indazoles, Tetrahedron, 69, pp3907-3912, (SCI)
2013 Mei-Huey Lin,* Wei-Cheng Lin, Han-Jun Liu, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Nitroalkenes as Carbonyl Surrogates in Arylmethyl-homoallylic Alcohol Forming One-Pot Allylation Reactions in Water, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 78, pp1278-1282, (SCI)
2012 Mei-Huey Lin,* Long-Zhi Lin, Tsung-Hsun Chuang,and Han-Jun Liu, One-pot sequential deoximation and allylation reactions of aldoximes in aqueous solution, Tetrahedron, 68, 12, pp2630-2635, (SCI)
2012 Mei-Huey Lin,* Han-Jun Liu, Cheng-Yu Chang, Wei-Cheng Lin, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, SnCl2/TiCl3-Mediated Deoximation of Oximes in an Aqueous Solvent, Molecules, 17, 3, pp2464-2473, (SCI)
2011 Mei-Huey Lin,* Wen-Shing Tsai, Long-Zhi Lin, Shiang-Fu Hung, Tsung-Hsun Chuang and Yi-Jen Su, Methods for the Preparation of Allenes Employing Indium- and Zinc-Mediated Dehalogenation Reactions in Aqueous Solutions, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 76, pp8518-8523, (SCI)
2011 Mei-Huey Lin,* Long-Zhi Lin, Tsung-Hsun Chuang, SnCl2/KI-Mediated Allylation Reactions of Formaldehyde in Water, Synlett, 13, pp1871-1874, (SCI)
2011 Mei-Huey Lin,* Shiang-Fu Hung, Long-Zhi Lin, Wen-Shing Tsai and Tsung-Hsun Chuang, Tin Mediated Allylation Reactions of Enol Ethers in Water, Organic Letters, 13, 2, pp332-335, (SCI)
Country School Name Department Degree
USA The Ohio State University Department of Chemistry Ph.D.
Organization Title Department Job Title
Harvard University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Postdoctoral Fellow
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School Honors 2017 「大專生化學新秀獎」得獎者:楊宗融 中國化學年會
Outside School Honors 2015 有機化學研究生論文佳作獎 李奕璇 中國化學會
Outside School Honors 2012 有機化學研究生論文優等獎 林隆誌 中國化學會