Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2018 861, pp10-16, (SCI)
2018 Jun-Liang Chen, Tsunghsueh Wu, Yang-Wei Lin*, Surface-enhanced Raman scattering enhancement due to localized surface plasmon resonance coupling between metallic nanoparticles and substrate, Microchemical Journal, 138, pp340-347, (SCI)
2018 469, pp397-401, (SCI)
2018 868, pp122-130, (SCI)
2018 871, pp150-158, (SCI)
2018 861, pp10-16, (SCI)
2018 Ya-Wen Tsai, Yun-Fan Chen, Yong-Jie Li, Kuan-Hung Chen, Chia-Her Lin, Jui-Hsien Huang, Structural Determination of Ruthenium Complexes Containing Bi-Dentate Pyrrole-Ketone Ligands, Molecules , 23, pp159-, (SCI)
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