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ChenChong-You (Jason)
04-7232105 ext. 3543(O)/3514(L) (藝薈館B1)
ChenChong-You (Jason)


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Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, General Chemistry, General Chemistry Experiment
Nanomaterial, Surface Printing/Lithography Technology, Nanosensor
YearPaper Title
110Chang-Ming Wang, Chong-You Chen, Wei-Ssu Liao*,Enclosed paper-based analytical devices: concept, variety, and outlook (Feature Article),Analytica Chimica Acta,1144, pp158-174,(SCI)
110P. Kar, T.-S. Chang, C.-Y. Chen, J.-S. Chen, S. Yi, S. Sutradhar, and W.-S. Liao*,Fluorescence Turn-On Antioxidant Recognition by Interface-Mediated Radical Termination of l-Cysteine-Capped Gold Nanoclusters,ACS Applied Nano Materials,4, pp3360-3368,(SCI)
109C.-Y. Chen, Y. Z. Tan, P.-H. Hsieh, C.-M. Wang, H. Shibata, K. Maejima, T.-Y. Wang, Y. Hiruta, D. Ci,Metal-free colorimetric detection of pyrophosphate ions by inhibitive nanozymatic carbon dots,ACS Sensors,5, pp1314-1324,(SCI)
108Chong-You Chen, Chang-Ming Wang, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,A special connection between nanofabrication and analytical devices: chemical lift-off lithography,Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan,92, pp600-607,(SCI)
108Y.-J. Tsai, C.-M. Wang, T.-S. Chang, S. Sutradhar, C.-W. Chang, C.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Hsieh, and W.-S. L,Multilayered Ag NP–PEDOT–paper composite device for human–machine interfacing,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,11, pp10380-1038,(SCI)
107Chong-You Chen, Chang-Ming Wang, Pai-Shan Chen, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,Surface functional DNA density control by programmable molecular defects (Cover Highlight) ,Chemical Communications,54, pp4100-4103,(SCI)
107Chang-Ming Wang†, Chia-Han Hsieh†, Chong-You Chen, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,Low-voltage driven portable paper bipolar electrode-supported electrochemical sensing device (Feature Article),Analytica Chimica Acta,26, pp1-7,(SCI)
107C.-Y. Chen†, H.-H. Li†, H.-Y. Chu†, C.-M. Wang, C.-W. Chang, L.-E. Lin, C.-C. Hsu, and W.-S. Liao*,Finely tunable surface wettability by two-dimensional molecular manipulation,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,10, pp41814–4182,(SCI)
107Chong-You Chen, Chang-Ming Wang, Pai-Shan Chen, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,Self-standing aptamers by an artificial defect-rich matrix (Cover Highlight) ,Nanoscale,10, pp3191-3197,(SCI)
107C.-Y.Chen†, C.-H. Chang†, C.-M. Wang, Y.-J. Li, H.-Y. Chu, H. H. Chan, Y.-W. Huang, and W.-S. Liao*,Large area nanoparticle alignment by chemical lift-off lithography,Nanomaterials ,8, pp71,(SCI)
107Chong-You Chen†, Chia-Lin Chen†, Chang-Ming Wang, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,Laminated copper nanocluster incorporated antioxidative paper device with RGB system-assisted signal improvement,Nanomaterials,8, pp97,(SCI)
107Chong-You Chen, Chang-Ming Wang, Hsiang-Hua Li, Hong-Hseng Chan, and Wei Ssu Liao*,Wafer-scale bioactive substrate patterning by chemical lift-off lithography (Cover Highlight),Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology,9, pp311-320,(SCI)
106Chang-Ming Wang, Chong-You Chen, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,Paper-polymer composite devices with minimal fluorescence background,Analytica Chimica Acta,963, pp93-98,(SCI)
106Ting-Yi Wang†, Chong-You Chen†, Chang-Ming Wang, Ying Zi Tan, and Wei-Ssu Liao*,Multicolor functional carbon dots via one-step refluxing synthesis,ACS Sensor,2, pp354-363,(SCI)
YearAward NameAward Unit
2020Quality Model Award Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, ITRI
2019Lam Research Thesis AwardNational Taiwan University/Lam Research Corporatio
2019Outstanding Thesis AwardChemical Society Located in Taipei
2018The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor MemberThe Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society
2018Yen Thesis AwardNational Taiwan University
2018CAS SciFinder Future LeadersChemical Abstracts Service (ACS)
2012Award for Outstanding Teaching AssistantNational Chiao Tung University
School NameCountryDepartmentDegree起迄年月
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanDepartment of ChemistryPhD2014-09~2018-10
National Chiao Tung UniversityTaiwanDepartment of Applied ChemistryMS2011-09~2014-06
National Chiao Tung UniversityTaiwanDepartment of Applied ChemistryBS2007-09~2011-06
Organization NameUnit職務期間
National Changhua University of EducationDepartment of ChemistryAssistant Professor2022-02~
Industrial Technology Research InstituteMaterial and Chemical Research LaboratoriesResearcher2018-12~2022-01
Keio UniversityDepartment of Applied ChemistryVisiting Research Student2018-08~2018-10