The Department of Chemistry is located in the Science Building at the main campus. There are three teaching laboratories (general, organic, analytical), teaching spaces (lectures rooms and a theater), and various research laboratories for individual faculty members. The departmental office is located on 5/F. Two full-time staff are responsible for administrative support.

     The department is well-equipped with advanced instrumentation facilities. Our major departmental instruments include CCD single-crystal X-ray diffractometer, powder X-ray diffractometer,  electron-paramagnetic spectrometer, 200 and 300 MHz NMR spectrometers, GC-MS, ESI-HPLC, IR,  fluorescence-phosphorescence spectrophotometer, etc.

     Our computer facility is equipped with advanced workstations and high speed network connection (1000 Mbps). We have access to a range of databases for up-to-date research information. Databases include Chemical Abstract (via SciFinder Scholar 2006), ACS journals, Elsevier SDOS, RSC journals, Wiley Interscience, Web of Science, Cambridge Crystallographic Database, etc.    

     Our main library is located nearby, which has resources, such as, about 7000 chemistry books, subscription to 20 chemistry journals, CD-ROM chemistry databases, and online journals.