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Inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, crystallography
Inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, catalysis
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108Yan-Yi Lee, Han-Wei Zseng, Zong-Han Tsai, Yong-Siang Su, Ching-Han Hu, and Hon Man Lee*,Isomeric Palladium Complexes Bearing Imidazopyridine-Based Abnormal Carbene Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity in Direct C−H Arylation Reaction,Organometallics, 2019, 38, pp805,(SCI)
107Li, H.-H.; Maitra, R.; Kuo, Y.-T.; Chen, J.-H.; Hu, C.-H.; Lee, H. M.*,A tridentate CNO-donor palladium(II) complex as efficient catalyst for direct C―H arylation: Application in preparation of imidazole-based push–pull chromophores,Appl. Organomet. Chem., 2018, 32, ppe3956,(SCI)
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107Debnath, M.; Dolai, M.; Pal, K.; Dutta, A.; Lee, H. M.; Ali, M.*,Two dinuclear oxidovanadium(V) complexes of N2O2 donor amine-bis(phenolate) ligands with bromo-peroxidase activities: Kinetic, catalytic and computational studies,Inorganica Chimica Acta,480, pp149,(SCI)
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106Maitra, R.; Chen, J.-H.; Hu, C.-H.; Lee, H. M.*,Synthesis and Optical Properties of Push–Push–Pull Chromophores Based on Imidazo[5,1,2-cd]indolizines and Naphtho[1′,2′:4,5]imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines,Eur. J. Org. Chem., pp5975,(SCI)
105Lee, J. Y.; Shen, J. S.; Tzeng, R. J.; Lu, I. C.; Lii, J. H.; Hu, C. H.; Lee, H. M.*,Well-defined palladium(0) complexes bearing N-heterocyclic carbene and phosphine moieties: efficient catalytic applications in the Mizoroki-Heck reaction and direct C-H functionalization,Dalton Trans.,45, pp10375,(SCI)
105Ghosh, S. K.; Ghosh, D.; Maitra, R.; Kuo, Y.-T.; Lee, H. M.*,Palladium‐Catalyzed Oxidative Cyclization for the Synthesis of 2‐Alkylimidazo [5, 1, 2‐cd] indolizines,European Journal of Organic Chemistry,34, pp5722,(SCI)
104Lee, J. Y.; Lee, J. Y.; Chang, Y. Y.; Hu, C. H.; Wang, N. M.; Lee, H. M.*,Palladium Complexes with Tridentate N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands: Selective "normal" and "abnormal" Bindings and Their Anticancer Activities,Organometallics,34, pp4359,(SCI)
104Lee, J. Y.; Lee, J. Y.; Lee, H. M.*,Novel two-dimensional Co(II) and Cd(II) coordination polymers with intriguing net topologies,Inorg. Chem. Commun.,52, pp16,(SCI)
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104Jhou, Y. M.; Nandi, D.; Lee, J. Y.; Tzeng, R. J.; Lee, H. M.*,Palladium(0) complexes of N-heterocyclic carbene ligands with dangling NMeC=O functionalities: Synthesis, reactivity and application in Mizoroki-Heck reactions,Polyhedron,100, pp28,(SCI)
104 Huang, Y. H.; Lee, H. M.,Crystal structure of chlorido-(1,3-dimesitylimidazolidin-2-ylidene-κ1C)-gold(I), C21H26AuClN2,Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures,230, pp7,(SCI)
103Ghosh, D.; Lee, J. Y.; Liu, C. Y.; Chiang, Y. H.; Lee, H. M.*,Direct C-H arylations of unactivated arenes catalyzed by amido-functionalized imidazolium salts,Adv. Synth. Catal.,356, pp406,(SCI)
103Liu, S.-D.; Kuo, B.-C.; Liu, Y.-W.; Lee, J.-Y.; Wong, K. Y.; Lee, H. M.*,Tuning of net architectures of Ni(II) and Zn(II) coordination polymers using isomeric organic linkers,CrystEngComm, pp8874,(SCI)
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101Lee, J. Y.; Huang, Y. H.; Liu, S. Y.; Cheng, S. C.; Jhou, Y. M.; Lii, J. H.; Lee, H. M.*,Formation of CC-type palladacycles with assistance from an apparently innocent NH(CO) functional group,Chem, Commun.,48, pp5632,(SCI)
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100Kumar, P. V.; Lin, W.-S.; Shen, J.-S.; Nandi, D.; Lee, H. M.*,Direct C5-Arylation Reaction between Imidazoles and Aryl Chlorides Catalyzed by Palladium Complexes with Phosphines and N-heterocyclic Carbenes,Organometallics,30, pp5160,(SCI)
100Lee, H.-J.; Cheng, P.-Y.; Chen, C.-Y.; Shen, J.-S.; Nandi, D.; Lee, H. M.*,Controlled assembly of an unprecedented 2D + 3D interpenetrated array of (4,4)-connected and pcu topologies,CrystEngComm,13, pp4814,(SCI)
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